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500 Hour RYT


Bethany Forest is a yogi and long time sufferer of endometriosis, PCOS, and adenomyosis. As such, she has extensively researched and studied the muscles of the pelvic floor, and worked with a physical therapist to address longstanding issues surrounding the pelvic floor muscles. As such, she has discovered that all women (and men!) can benefit from getting in tune with the reproductive systems and the musculature that governs the root chakra, or pelvic floor for lasting health that begins from the ground up. Bethany is a RYT500 with an emphasis on Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ayurveda practices. She currently owns and teaches at HEAL Yoga Studio in Ogden - Ogden's premiere outdoor yoga studio.


This workshop will focus on becoming familiar with the pelvic floor region, with education, breathing, and asana practice to encourage balance and health. If you've had a pregnancy, surgery, or other reproductive health concerns, this workshop is for you!





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500 Hour RYT


Joss Sackett - 500hr RYT Joss has been instructing yoga and meditation for over 5 years. She uses her own experiences with anxiety to help others explore ways to relax and find peace in everyday life. Her styles of classes include vinyasa flow, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation. Joss enjoys spending time in the mountains with her husband and 2 fluffy cats as well as getting crafty and creative. Summerhaze Lee - 200hr + RYT Summerhaze has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and instructing for over 3 years. She is enthralled with the ways in which a simple practice can continually heal the mind, body, heart, and soul in life’s daily challenges. She is proficient in offering vinyasa flows with a more gentle approach that welcomes all levels of practitioners and is well-versed in Nidra meditation. She enjoys giving soft touch during savasana. She loves co-creating with other instructors and working with their strengths to deliver an exceptional experience. Her favorite activities are being outdoors and include paddleboarding, splitboarding, camping, sunsets, and stargazing in the company of my dearest friends. She paints and writes poetry when she feels called to do so.



There are a myriad of opposing human emotions falling across numerous spectrums; on one end a negative and on the other a positive. We will delve into the gamut of grief and joy and how they intersect in the heart space or anahata chakra where the body houses and experiences these very distinct extremes. By calling upon that which invokes grief and joy, we will start with a grief releasing mantra and move into a joyful flow of dance-like yoga-based movement. We will finish with a calming meditative savasana and a sound bath experience. Consider journaling your experience for deeper self exploration. This is a safe and nonjudgmental space to allow emotion to course through you and honor your needs at any given time during the workshop. Tissues will be provided. “It is my belief that both earth shattering grief and overwhelming joy can crack your heart wide open.” ~Summerhaze



200 Hour RYT


Hope started her journey with yoga seeking a form of  fitness that she liked, and could stay committed to. The first class Hope took she was hooked, quickly realizing yoga was so much more than movement, when leaving a yoga class she felt in balance with her body, mind, and energy field. She was captured by the magic that is yoga, in 2018 she decided to embark on an adventure and start her 200 Hr YTT. Hope now has a passion for guiding yoga, meditation and mindfulness in all forms. A promise she makes to her students, is to never stop learning, and to create a welcoming/safe space, to explore, the body, mind, and energy field. 






Certified flower essence


Susan is a Certified Flower Essence practitioner/therapist from Woman Rising Mystery school. A Soil Advocate through Kiss the Ground training program. Also I have training as a Moon Priestess and Priestess of the Rose through Woman rising Mystery school and Goddess Rising Mystery school.


A guided Flower Essence journey. Grounding and meditation. All things about our Mother Earth and Soil regeneration.







200 Hour RYT


As a long distance runner for 21 years, Heather ran into her first yoga class 16 years ago seeking balance, but what she found was so much more. Heather holds degrees in Social Work and Emergency and Disaster Management. After finishing school, she decided to take her work out of the office and into the world. She became a certified personal trainer, running coach, functional movement specialist, and a 200hr RYT with a specialty in trauma. For the past 16 years she has lived all over the world teaching health and fitness. She's been gifted the opportunity to work with everyone from Cancer Survivors to Navy SEALs. In 2010, she founded an endurance coaching company. She has coached athletes of all levels and abilities, as well as the winners and record holders of Epic Man and Race Across America (female team). In 2022, she created the Push Pause Podcast to invite listeners to slow down and find stillness in our everyday lives. Heather is a creative, fun and authentic instructor with a compassion-centered teaching style. She has experienced teaching Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Power, Meditative and Yoga for Trauma. Heather truly believes that yoga has a place for everyone.


In this practice, we will focus on downregulating the nervous system and activating the vagus nerve by utilizing breathing and tension releasing techniques to bring the body into balance. In Trauma Informed Yoga, the emphasis is on finding a sense of grounding that helps connect mind and body in a way that feels secure. This class is designed to create a space for healing.



500 Hour RYT


Venus is the author of the bestseller Here to Forever. Finally Free to Be Me.  Venus is a seasoned entrepreneur and facilitator, and a devotee of joyful possibility.  She is a holistic healthcare practitioner, with over 20 years of studying and practicing a range of modalities including massage, yoga, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, reiki, shamanism, tarot, nutrition and intuitive body work.  Renowned for her compassion, clarity of vision, and joyful for her compassion clarity of vision, and joyful approach to life and business.  Venus is committed to enabling greater joy and ease in her clients' lives, and firmly believes that nobody is 'broken' or in need of 'fixing'.  Based in Ogden, UT, Venus inspires possibility in clients all over the world through her private consultations and online classes.


Anusara is a heart centered, alignment based yoga practice where we can begin to see the world and ourselves as we are - the light & the dark.  In that space we are invited to let go of judgement and respond with gratitude, love and allowance instead.



500 Hour RYT


Victoria is a 500hr registered yoga teacher in Ogden, Utah. Through yoga, she aims to help others unlock the powerful tools we all have within to bring forth self-healing and liberation. She began her yoga journey very early in life attending classes with her mother before grade school. As an adult, she eventually decided to deepen her practice and dive into her passion by taking her 200hr teaching certification in Denver, Colorado, and later completed her 300hr certification in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Victoria is currently pursuing training to become a Yoga Therapist with the intention of connecting as many people as possible to the healing power of yoga. Her humble yet energetic teaching style keeps yoga approachable while staying true to the ancient principles of the practice. She understands that the most important yoga is done off the mat, so works to incorporate yogic philosophy that can be brought home to bring grounding and balance to individual’s everyday lives. When Victoria isn’t teaching yoga you can find her breakin’ it down on a dance floor, hiking the local trails, or lounging with her kitty, Dazey.


Session will begin with a Vinyasa flow to get the body warm, then will be move into deeper stretches and longer holds, and finalize with a few restorative postures. Teacher will incorporate pranayama, the use of sound, and meditative techniques to reach optimal body, mind, spirit integration.



200 Hour RYT


I was introduced to and started practicing yoga at age 13. I have practiced for 26 years. And taught for over 13 yrs. I have practiced and taught all over the country. But it wasn’t until my 17 yr of practice and 8th year of teaching that I connected what Yoga truly was. That’s when I left a life i was leading and took my 200 RYT and completed an internship. I started teaching from my new knowledge and knew i needed to help people connect to yoga a little differently so it didn’t take others as long to connect. I have taught at various yoga festivals including this one. Attended yoga conferences and workshops all over the country until covid hit. I took my yoga off the mat and into the desert - Then created a mindfulness business Zion sand and stone (aka Spiritually Boujee). I’m now back on the mat teaching opening a small studio space here at the monarch (coming soon!!!)


Free style vinyasa with a splash of Yin flare allowing students the space to move in the way their body allows them too- with a designated sequence they are allowed to deviate from. To allow their connection/yoga to be uniquely theirs. We will learn safe sequences together and hold some asana then allow ourselves to let go discover where we are carrying excess energy, start to release and gracefully ease into the energetic flow.



500 Hour RYT


Stephanie's first introduction to Yoga was around the age of 17 while working at a wellness center in Michigan in 1997ish.  During this time she recognized the many benefits of this practice.  At 19 she traveled to Kripalu for her 200 hour certification and exited the program early due to ill family.  This always being in the back of her head while she journeyed through life, in 2011 she decided to journey to Bali, Indonesia where she received her 200 hour RYT from The School of Sacred Arts.  With her experience in tow she started offering in the small town of Texas, she lived in at the time, and a year and a half later she opened up Lotus here in Ogden.  In between her arrival in Ogden and opening Lotus she studied Trance Dance in 2012 with Shiva Rae in Venice Beach.  In 2016 she spent a month in the jungle of Costa Rica receiving her 300 hour RYT with Tantric Alchemy Institute.  Her main goal as an instructor is to give a heart warming experience for all who arrive on the mat with her.  She knows the true vehicle into the body is the breath and focuses often on Pranayama (breathwork) while offering many cues for not only getting into the physical body, but the energetic as well.  She creates a supportive environment for both new and experienced students....all are welcome!


Whether you are new or seasoned to the path of yoga, checking in with your postural alignment in poses will only protect you, allow you to align and receive more from your practice along with greater flow of energy throughout.  Let's come together and cover a handful of popular yoga poses and break them down so you can have a better understanding of your own body in practice.



500 Hour RYT


Christel is an avid outdoor lover where the lure of anything in the mountains needs to be added to her bucket list. She loves trail running, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, hawk watching, dogs, and all things living. She has successfully trained and finished several marathons, half marathons, trail runs, and relays - all accomplishments that her physicians thought impossible for her. Christel received her 500 hour Yoga Teacher certification from Infusion Yoga in Bountiful where she was taught yoga

modalities in; Power Vinyasa, Structural Alignment, Breath work (including modern athletic yogic arts breathing), healing Thai Yoga, Meditation, Chakra, and a strong Ayurvedic base that she weaves into every class.


Yoga Nidra (also called yogic sleep) is an ancient form of meditation that focuses first on comfort (unlike many other forms of meditation).  In a 45 minute Yoga Nidra session, we will intentionally flow through the 5 stages of brain wave sleep; Gamma, Betta, Alpha, Theta and Delta (this normally takes your brain 4 hours to do this on its own).  After one session, you will connect to your natural state, lower your stress level, equalize your breath rate, lessen any pain response, begin to rewire the neurons in the brain in a more streamlined manner, and experience being high on meditation.    Bring a mat, blankets, pillow, and anything that will help you lay down to be comfortable in our time together.  Expect this class to heal your brain using your own chemistry.  







200 Hour RYT


Yoga found Kaylie when she was a teenager when she was going through a really dark place in her life and it's been an amazing tool for her ever since. Yoga helps her connect with God, with herself and with others and she loves using it to serve in the community. She loves the healing power that comes through movement and the energy flow that Yoga has to offer. Yoga helps you remember to BE YOU!! She teaches a wide variety of styles including Vinyasa, Yin, meditation, and others!


This class, we will be holding yin/restorative poses between 3 and 5 minutes to incorporate a space of presence and Stillness to being beauty and bliss to the body and soul!



200 Hour RYT


Sarah Bargar (RYT 200, LCSW) was introduced to yoga following high school and she began her yoga teacher training journey in 2018 with Stephanie at Bhav Yoga Den. She spent the bulk of her life dancing which has influenced her practice and teaching style. She enjoys bringing a fun, loving energy to her classes, encouraging students to build strength and love for themselves through their own mind, body and heart awareness. Sarah works as a mental health therapist with clients ranging in age across the lifespan, specializing in youth and adolescents. She is passionate about trauma work and creating space for healing. Her goal is for every person to find healing through movement, sharing their story or simply embracing joy in the day to day.


Bhakti is Devotion. However devotion shows up in your life, this class is a beautiful expression of love. This practice is YOGA of the HEART. Class will consist of a vinyasa style yoga class that will focus on connecting the body, mind and heart through fluid movement and breath. Open the heart, release stress from the day and drop into the body where self love and compassion reside.





200 Hour RYT


Courtney found yoga at the age of 18, and is amazed at how much it has impacted her mind and heart since then. Courtney is originally from Cleveland, OH, where she completed her 200 hour Jivasara (Jivamukti and Anusara) teacher training program with Marni Task. She taught in Cleveland for two years and then found Lotus in May 2019. Courtney enjoys spending her free time at Lotus, climbing at The Front, or playing in the mountains. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Courtney has her masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She is the co-founder of The Mindful Health Collective along with her husband, Alex Barilec. She has enjoyed sharing her knowledge in health and nutrition with mindfulness as the foundation.


This is an educational and experiential opportunity where we will explore multiple facets of mindful eating. We will explore the questions, "What is mindfulness?" "What is mindful eating?" "How can I eat more mindfully?" And finally, "How can I become a more mindful consumer?" Courtney will guide you through the BASICS of mindful eating to support you on your journey of deepening your relationship with food and yourself. We will practice a mindful eating chocolate exercise while tasting ethically produced chocolate.




500 Hour RYT


Shortly after Opal tried yoga for the first time they became hooked & sought to deepen their relationship with the practice right away. So, they went out & received a 200-Hour certification at the Front Yoga Loft with Ali here in Ogden & then a 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Rachel at Centered City in Salt Lake. They taught yoga at The Lotus Cafe Shop & Studio for a little over a year and then got a certification in Trauma Based Yoga from their studio. Shortly after receiving the certification a friend reached out to Opal to let them know an addiction recovery center needed a new teacher. A few days later they started teaching twice a week at Brighton Recovery Center here in Ogden. It has become their passion to help others find a practice that meets their body where they are. Opal lead their classes through a trauma-informed lens that aims to provide a safe & inclusive space where students can feel confident enough to explore & get curious about their body. Opal is committed to teaching with intention, compassion & do their very best to be mindful of using inclusive language, the music they choose & how they approach giving any hands-on assistance. Opal feels yoga, at its root, is a journey to the soul. They aim to help students nurture their relationship with themselves by mindfully guiding them through a yoga practice that is intuitive, empowering & enjoyable. When they aren’t teaching or practicing yoga they’re typically reading a book out loud to their husband, cuddling with one of, or all of their 4 furkids, or taking long walks with their dogs. They don’t have any children, but they’ve said they’re not ashamed to admit they often treat their furkids like they are


20 minute Metta Meditation: Metta Meditation focuses on changing the negative self-talk in our minds to something more positive.  Kind phrases of good will and compassion are repeated, encouraging self -compassion & deepening social connections.  you'll find Opal often calls this class Community Yoga on her weekly schedule.

20 minutes of breath & waterfall of OM:  The instructor will offer a breath technique called the Bhramari pranayama AKA: Humming Bee Breath for a few minutes.  This curious technique can often imitate the sound of singing bowls.  A waterfall of OM happens when everyone participates in chanting OM continuously, taking breaths & continuing another OM at each person;s own pace.  This experience has been known to produce an angel tone and it can be quite profound when it does happen. 

20 minute sound bath:  Get comfortable in a final resting posture 7 enjoy  sound bath of singing bowls while the instructor chants in song, encouraging the mind to float into a relaxing state.



500 Hour RYT


Yoga to me means mindfulness in all that we do and awareness leads to compassion. Compassion with ourselves and others can change the world. As an 500 RYT teacher, I have been teaching yin mobility at the lotus for the past three years. Having excellent calming teaching skills, creative and effective lesson planning made more students love my teaching. Helping students to increase flexibility and breath work in order to bring greater health, happiness and well being.


Yin Mobility, We hold our poses for three to five minutes, and as we hold these deep stretches we allow our body to open up. We allow our connective tissues, fascia to open up and get the blood flow true it. It is a gentle and easy practice for anyone and every one! Yin will increase your flexibility, calm your mind and it may feel like you had a deep massage.



200 Hour RYT


Mary is a Licensed Massage Therapist of 23 years, Certified Lymphatic Therapist and a 200 RYT. Her intention is to help create a personal reconnection of mind and body through experience and empowerment. She believes this is where we experience self-acceptance, awareness, growth and change. When we feel safe, seen and heard, anything is possible. She sincerely wants to know about your concerns and desired wellness goals so she can then design a personalized experience to help you reach those goals. She uses bodywork and wellness modalities that are all encompassing, empowered by education, experience and purpose. In her free time she enjoys yoga, adventuring with friends and family, going on road trips, listening to music and being a good plant mom.


Encourage healthy bowel movements through yoga, breath, and dry brushing. Experience and learn how to encourage healthy bowel movements through yoga, breath, and dry brushing. Massage & Lymphatic Therapist, Maryann Davis of @elementalmindbody will guide you through a breathing practice and dry brushing tutorial to encourage healthy bowel movements. Yoga Teacher and Nutrition Educator, Courtney Barilec with @mindfulhealthcollective will lead you through a yoga class that includes poses specifically to encourage healthy bowel movements. You will leave with new tools in your tool belt to support daily elimination.



200 Hour RYT


Jen Gorder has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She received her 200 hour certification in 2017. in 2020 she completed her 300 hour training with the Clinical Yoga Practitioners where she became certified in teaching yoga for depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma. Jen currently teaches at Higher Ground Hot Yoga in Ogden.


Asana burnout. Take your practice beyond the physical with an introduction to internal (niyama) and external (yamas) ethical observations of yoga. This active workshop will provide a brief overview and history of the Yamas and Niyamas. This includes examples and applications of each; on and off the mat. A gentle and slow flow will be offered to gain a deeper understanding of how to integrate and incorporate these ethical principles in different asanas. This includes mudras and mantras to take with you after the practice to incorporate into your daily life.

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